Ke$ha – Blow

So, I’m back with another Ke$ha cover … I partially blame Canada’s Got Talent for having me do the first one … it was just too much fun.

It went up last night around 3am (yawn.)   But what are Saturday nights for if not for having no worries about getting up in the morning  🙂   Enjoy!  Pass it along if you have a few seconds.

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Ke$ha – Tik Tok

Not my usual genre but it’s always been a song that grabbed me.   Performing it has actually made me realize how much I like doing dance music.   It’s fun, and I’ve received great response.

A stranger on Facebook commented, “I played flute as a teen. You make me want to pick it up again and I’m almost 45!” and someone on YouTube said “I really really liked this. I had to get up and dance 😛 impressive. ”

Don’t expect me to be putting out a dance album out anytime soon, but I do have a lot of fun playing it.

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Lil Wayne – Blunt Blowin’

As you have probably noticed by now, there is something about Lil Wayne’s beats, lyrical freshness/cleverness, and melodic rap delivery that pulls me in.   I have covered two of his songs already.   Here is my take on his track Blunt Blowin’.

I think my favorite lines from this song are “They say they learn from their mistakes; why, that’s why they mistake me.  I got some weight on my shoulders, to me it’s like feathers.  All hail Weezy, call it bad weather.”   It is those little intricate wordplays like “hail” and “bad weather” that keep me interested.

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Drake – Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)

Drake did this song first … I took more of my inspiration from Jojo’s melody.

Decided to experiment with some effects on this one, also to focus only the flute.  I hope you like the visual direction.  If you don’t … lie to me.  😉

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Lil Wayne – Single

I did this take on Lil Wayne’s track “Single” at Harlem Restaurant a few nights ago.   You may have seen my video for his track, Lollipop, a while back.   I also have something for The Game ft. Lil Wayne “My Life” that I haven’t recorded yet.   While Lil Wayne is not a great singer, he definitely knows how to write a hook.   His word play when he is rapping is pretty mesmerizing too.

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Toronto Nuit Blanche; Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Toronto has an all night outdoor arts festival called, Nuit Blanche. I am part of it this year. They asked me to upload a sample of this song, Will You Love Me Tomorrow.

The “exhibit” is pretty cool. It is curated by Kevin Schmidt .

30 or so musicians at a time staggered throughout the street all doing their own take on songs from a shortlist. I’m going to be between Gloucester Street and Alexander Street.

I will be performing between 10pm and 1am, and my second set it 2am – 5am. Come by and help keep me awake.

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On the Level Featured on PPTV

On the Level is now being featured in all Pizza Pizza’s in Ontario.   That’s pretty huge.  Check out the video segment currently running here.  They’re also going to go be running a 85 second clip of the video.

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